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Polignano a mare

Old Town
Small ancient charm of this ancient town, beyond the historic arch that indicates the boundary between the ancient center and the new one, but still alive and very animated recklessly suspended on a panoramic cliff overlooking the southernmost stretch of the Adriatic, with its ancient buildings. The balconies, which chase each other through narrow streets and give the visitor a little corner of paradise.
Lama Monachile
The beach is called by the inhabitants: "Lama Monachile Beach" or "Cala Porto Beach". The Lama Monachile bridge corresponds to the ancient "Via Traiana", still viable from which one can admire one of the most attractive views of Polignano a Mare.
Suggestive beaches and sea caves
The union between land and sea and a very picturesque coastal landscape. The cliff is full of numerous beaches and coves. Enchanting the village, and its "marvelous" sea awarded by the prestigious blue flag ... Ponte dei Lapilli, Cala Paura, Portalga, Scoglio dell'eremita and San Vito seaside resort about 3 kilometers from the historic center with its historic abbey.
The traditions of Polignano a mare
The popular Polignano traditions linked above all to the passage of the San Vito Martire raft that from the sea embraces its people waiting at the balconies. The trail of comets in the traditional "Festa dell'aquilone", and the exploits of cyclists in the historic "Targa del Crocifisso".
Polignano a mare Events
The "Libro Possibile" is the most important cultural event of the Polignano summer. It is not only a literature festival, but a comparison between authors of different genres and readers ... song talent: Domenico Modugno (Mister Volare) and the Red Bull Cliff Diving dives performed
  • Il libro possibile
  • Red Bull Cliff Diving
  • Food and Wine and Crafts
    The most famous dishes of Polignano a Mare are based on fish and a vast variety of agricultural products and also olive oil, wine, wheat and vegetables. Food for Polignanesi is an expression of our food and wine traditions, and of their hospitality.